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As of today, my Twitter links have been removed the site.

Even before the Musk takeover, I had been slowly moving more and more of my social media usage over to Mastodon. The takeover just spurred things along faster.

I don’t expect that I’ll be 100% Twitter-free anytime soon, as I have a fair few friends that use it, and I’m not one to push people to uproot. That being said, the vast majority of my social media usage is, and will continue to be, over on Mastodon instead, and that is where I’ll direct those who want to follow my happenings.

For those reading this, you’ve likely already seen them, but the link to my Mastodon profile is in the author info on the left of each blog post, as well as in the website’s footer.

Be warned that most of my recent posts have been about Final Fantasy XIV, though