DaVinci Resolve, but in a box

2 minute read

My phrasing is gonna make this sound a lot grander than it actually is, but I’m here to announce davincibox as a thing I’m working on.


less than 1 minute read

As of today, my Twitter links have been removed the site.

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Website Redesign

less than 1 minute read

The website has been rebuilt using Jekyll and the Minimal Mistakes theme. With Jekyll also being very blog-friendly, I thought this may be a good opportunit...

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elementary OS vs Fedora

11 minute read

Comparisons between elementary OS and Fedora, two of my favorite Linux-based operating systems.

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Thoughts on PeerTube & LBRY

3 minute read

Recently, I synced my YouTube channel with LBRY, so most of my video content is now also available there. I like LBRY, because it’s “a free, open, and commun...

Why I Use Linux

4 minute read

Why I prefer to use Linux-based operating systems versus more minstream options like Windows and macOS.

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