Website Redesign

less than 1 minute read

The website has been rebuilt using Jekyll and the Minimal Mistakes theme.

With Jekyll also being very blog-friendly, I thought this may be a good opportunity to re-explore blogging for myself.

To start, I migrated my blog posts over from WriteAs to here. There were only seven posts to move, so it wasn’t a very difficult process; I had to change some URLs, and there is likely some outdated information in some of the posts that could be fixed in the future. Feel free to let me know on socials, or open an issue on GitHub.

I don’t expect new blog posts to be very frequent, but if I have the urge to ramble about something—which is often—it may wind up here as a new post rather than an overly long Twitter thread as I’ve done lately.

Other than the blog part, I also have an Apps page set up has an aggregate for my development work, though Roll-It is the lone occupant at the moment.

Anyway, the rewritten site is now live as of this blog post; I’ll smooth out any rough edges as they come up.