Zeliblue Desktop

Zeliblue is a customized derivative of Fedora Silverblue, based on the Universal Blue project.

Zeliblue features the GNOME desktop as the flagship experience. Notable changes include:

  • Workspace navigation shortcuts are adjusted, with the aim of being more intuitive for horizontal workspaces
  • GNOME Console replaces GNOME Terminal as the default terminal, and can be launched with Super+t
  • Flathub is set up in the background on first boot, both system-wide (flathub-system) and for per-user installs (flathub-user)
  • GNOME Software defaults to installing apps from flathub-user
  • Core system apps are installed to flathub-system after first boot
  • System apps are selected based on the official GNOME Core apps, with some substitutions and additions
  • And more miscellaneous tweaks

For more information and to report issues or offer feature suggestions, see the GitHub repository.